Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 2

L.9-10.6: Acquire and use accurately general academic and domain-specific words and phrases, sufficient for reading, writing, speaking, and listening at the college and career readiness level

Day 1 of 3

JOURNAL 2 Do Now: Think of a memorable and complex character (one with multiple or conflicting motivations) from a book or film, one who advanced the plot or theme of the work. List three to five adjectives to describe this character. For each adjective, explain why you attribute this trait to the character and determine whether your interpretation is based on direct or indirect characterization.

1. Review CHARACTERIZATION - indirect - direct
2. Target Practice: Chart p.228
3. Compare your interpretations with your class, and make inferences about the author’s purpose for using each method of characterization. Be prepared to support your interpretation by citing textual evidence.

HW: Add characterization - direct or indirect - 

Day 2 of 3

Do Now: Often in dramatic texts, a character delivers an extended speech known as a monologue. What might be the author’s purpose for including a monologue? How could a monologue convey characterization?

1. Listening to a Sport of Nature and using SOAPStone
2. Indirect dialogue and the monologue

HW: Editing Your EA

Day 3 of 3 

Do Now: I.R. Silent reading.  Timed Writing Three- IR and EQ

1. Tone, Pitch, Volume, Pace, Articulation, Pauses
2. EA1 and 
3. Mask and taking notes 
Target Practice: Editing Your EA

HW: Looking Ahead
-EA1 Document Due Wednesday 4-13 by midnight.  REMEMBER: File>Make a Copy and then RENAME: LASTNAME_EA1_Q4
-Vocaroo or SoundcloudWebsite recording Due Friday 4-15 by midnight. REMEMBER: paste the URL from or soundcloud website in box on EA1 document. NOTE: because soundcloud app does not have RECORD feature on some versions, you should go to website